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Curl your lashes

A lash curler is used to pinch around your upper lashes to bend them into shape and make your eyes look more open. Most common and probably easiest to use are metal curlers. They look like delicate little tongs. Learning how to use them can be tricky, so don't give up; practice! Be careful not to pinch your eyelids! Curl your lashes BEFORE applying mascara or your lashes may break. Also it is very important to replace the little rubber or silicone pad on your curler regularly. For the same reason.

A stronge wind.

After I finished my email about glucosamine my working day was finally finished as well. The children came home and my husband was early at home too. We had some quality time together and we ate a lively dinner. This is how I love to see the Friday evenings. The Saturday morning was also very nice. I baked some eggs with bacon which I normally don't do. And now I am relaxing a little bit and I think I will start with my new book soon. I also prepared our dinner yet. The children are playing outside on their bikes ...